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My astrophotography galleries

My most recent images, displayed in the Cloudy Nights gallery

Winter Star Party 2008 gallery (2-9-2008)

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite non-Messier images (updated 8-9-2008; NGC7000 and Pelican)

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite recent Messier images (updated 8-9-2008; M31)

This is a link to my gallery on Cloudy Nights (a terrific astro website)

My astrophotography music videos

Download a less compressed version (better images) - updated September 8, 2007


Observatory construction gallery


Takahashi NJP-160/Temma II GEM

Celestron CGE

Vixen GP/DX GEM with Sky Sensor 2000PC

A&M/Astreya 76mm F/6 triplet APO refractor

Meade 80mm F/6 triplet APO refractor

Custom chrome tube TMB/LOMO 80mm F/7.5 triplet APO refractor

Astrotech 12" F/8 RC reflector

custom 20" F/3.8 truss dob by Rob Teeter

Canon 300D Digital Rebel DSLR


Meade DSI Pro

Rooftop observatory

My observing weather

Articles published on WWW.CLOUDYNIGHTS.COM

Eclipse Makview 200 Maksutov-Cassegrain

A new look at some older CCD imaging gear

Dobsonian setup primer

Autoguiding basics

Writing for your Club's newsletter

Lightweight imported GEM shootout

Celestron's CPC-800

Ha Solar observing on a budget

12" Meade RCX400 review (part one)

12" Meade RCX400 review (part two)

Celestron CG5-GT review

Meade LXD75 review

Denkmeier Dual binoviewer Power X Switch review

Imported GEM shootout - LXD55 v. LXD75 v. CG5-GT

Tech 2000 Dob Driver II

Portable power primer

Used eyepiece bargains

New generation of light German EQ mounts

Some helpful LXD55/75 initial checkout procedures

Newtonian collimation primer

So Why a Truss Dobsonian?


What's the prime focus FOV with my LPI/DSI/webcam/SLR/DSLR?

Here are some earlier images - but you've already seen the best.

My Galaxy Image Gallery

My Nebula Image Gallery

My Star Cluster Image Gallery

My Solar System Image Gallery


Cloudy Nights Reviews and Forums

My Observatory construction

Backyard Observatories (Scott built mine, and I'm very satisfied)

Astronomy Club of Akron

Wonders of the Night Sky program